Webhook Details

Outgoing webhooks to receive status updates on Quotes & Policies

Begin by logging onto the platform at cowbellcyber.ai and navigating to the Developers tab:

On the Api Keys tab, it allows you to add new API keys as needed for your users in order to be able to access APIs:

It lists the keys which have been previously created. You can edit the API key's permissions, as well as regenerate it as desired.

On the Webhooks tab, it allows the addition of new endpoints of which Cowbell will attempt to make a request to, each time an event update occurs for Quotes & Policies. New webhook can be set up here:

When configuring a new endpoint, please specify the URL, the authentication method (Basic, Bearer or no-Auth), and which types of event(s) to subscribe to so that we may perform POST requests to your endpoint as an event update occurs.

The status of the webhook indicates whether its current enabled or disabled.

If any white-listing of IPs are required, please notify our digital distribution team during the integration process.