Below you find questions commonly asked by our partners. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to speak with a Cowbell representative.

How do I obtain agency ID?

After you complete the appointment process, you can get your agency ID by reaching out to [email protected].

How can I confirm if user exists in Cowbell and what their agency ID is?

There is a separate endpoint that accepts email address of the user and return agency ID: https://developers.cowbellcyber.ai/reference/getaccountidfromuseremailqueryparam.

If a user does not exist, the endpoint will return corresponding response.

Where can a user go to request access to their agency?

Please have the user reach out to [email protected].

How soon can I call the Get Quote details endpoint?

Before calling the Get Quote details endpoint, we recommend introducing a fixed 200ms delay after the initial POST call to create a quote.

What happens if the account already exists in the Cowbell platform?

If an account already exists in the platform, you will receive an error alert message:


The Register Account endpoint will return Account already exists..., Account id: UUID.

What happens if an account is hardlinked to another agency?

If an account is hardlinked in the platform, you will receive an error alert message:


The Register Account endpoint will return Customer is already associated with some other Agency!

What happens if an account exists as a policy in the system?

If a policy exists in the system, Register Account endpoint will return:


Customer is already associated with some other Agency!

Where can I find an insured’s available products?

The list of eligible products will be returned in the “eligibleProducts” field.

What are the most common statuses?

You can find more information about common quote statuses on the Quote Statuses page located in the Prime100 drop-down menu.

Does Cowbell have a referral process?

Prime 100 does not have a referral process. It is a self- service product that automatically issues or declines a quote.

Prime 250 gives you the option to submit a quote to Cowbell’s underwriting when the API referral response ‘API_REJECTED’ in the ‘agencyStatus’ field.

Does Cowbell have a support inbox?

Please send us a request via the ReadMe page by clicking on the 'Get Support' button if you have troubleshooting questions.

Please reach out to our team with any sample payloads as well as an indication of environment when escalating potential issues.

Does Cowbell communicate through Slack?

Our team is happy to engage with your developers through Slack. Please send a request for a channel that includes your teams name and email address.

Which version of NAICS does Cowbell support?

Currently Cowbell supports 2017 NAICS, but we are planning to update to 2022 in the near future.

What are the quote and bind expiration timeframes?

For Prime100 and Prime250 products quotes expire according to the following logic:
For new Business: effective date + 21 days
For Renewal: effective date + 22 day

How far in the past a quote can be created?

For Prime100 and Prime250 new business quotes can be backdated up to 7 days in the past. On renewal business we can bind up to 21 days in the past.

How far in the future a quote can be created?

New Business:

Prime100: quotes can be created 60 days in the future.
Prime250: quote can be created 75 days in the future.


Prime100: Cowbell will auto quote 67 days before the effective date.
Prime250: Cowbell will auto quote 75 days before the effective date.

Does the endpoint time out?

Create a Prime100 Quote times out at 60 seconds when trying to make the POST call.

When does Cowbell perform maintenance?

Cowbell production environment has a maintenance window at 9:30 PM CST / 7:30 PM PST on Thursdays. The maintenance window is expected to take just a few minutes and is to improve the account search to reduce duplicate accounts. Cowbell will provide 24 hours notice if maintenance window that occurs not at a regularly scheduled time. You can expect 502 bad gateway response during the maintenance period.