Presenting the Quote

A partner can present the quote by either mapping coverages returned in the API response, or presenting original Cowbell quote document.

Mapping Coverages

Coverages are found in the responses to the Get Quote details endpoint.

Partner can map Cowbell coverages to their own coverages.

View an example of the coverages below:

        "securityBreachExpenseLimit": 1000000,
        "securityBreachLiabilityLimit": 1000000,
        "restorationOfElectronicsDataLimit": 1000000,
        "extortionThreatsLimit": 50000,
        "publicRelationsExpenseLimit": 50000,
        "computerFraudLimit": 1000000,
        "businessIncomeCoverage": 1000000,
        "computerFraudEndorsement": false,
        "socialEngEndorsement": false,
        "ransomPaymentEndorsement": false,
        "ransomPaymentLimit": 50000,
        "hardwareReplCostEndorsement": true,
        "hardwareReplCostSubLimit": 50000,
        "telecomsFraudEndorsement": true,
        "telecomsFraudSubLimit": 50000,
        "postBreachRemediationEndorsement": true,
        "postBreachRemediationSubLimit": 50000,
        "websiteMediaContentLiabilityEndorsement": false,
        "websiteMediaContentLiabilitySubLimit": 100000,

Cowbell Proposal

Cowbell original quote proposal can be downloaded using this endpoint.