Requesting a P250 involves the following steps:

Step 1

Register Account

  • This endpoint will return accountID which you can then use to submit subsequent API requests.

Step 2

Send Security Assessment


List of security assessment questions can be found below:

accountIdPolicyholder's account idY
backupFrequencyHow often does the organization perform backups of business-critical data? (Allowable values WEEKLY/MONTHLY/QUARTERLY/SIX_MONTHS/NEVER)Y
civilOrCriminalActionCivil or criminal action or administrative proceeding alleging violation of any federal, state, local or common law?Y
claimHistoryHas the Organization filed any claims due to a cyber event? 0=Never, 1=within last 12 months, 2=with last 2 years, 3=within last 3 years, 4=within last 4 years, 5=within 5years or moreY
dmzSeparationAre all internet-accessible systems (e.g. web, email-servers) segregated from the organization’s trusted network (e.g. within a demilitarized zone (DMZ) or at a third-party service provider)?N
incidentResponsePlanDoes the organization have an incident response plan - tested and in-effect - setting forth specific action items and responsibilities for relevant parties in the event of cyber incident or data breach matter?Y
isAuthenticatingFundTransferRequestsDo policy holder employees authenticate funds transfer requests (e.g. by calling a customer to verify the request at a predetermined phone number)? Affirmative answer is required to be eligible for Social Engineering endorsementT
isPreventingUnauthorizedWireTransfersDo policy holder employees prevent unauthorized employees from initiating wire transfers? Affirmative answer is required to be eligible for Social Engineering endorsementN
isSecurityOfficerDoes the policyholder agree to be the designated Information Security Contact?Y
isSecurityTrainingDoes policyholder provide mandatory information security training to all employees at least annually? If not, are they willing to implement it during the policy period?Y
isVerifyingBankAccountsDo policy holder employees verify vendor/supplier bank accounts before adding to accounts payable systems. Affirmative answer is required to be eligible for Social Engineering endorsementN
lossInBusinessIncomeDuring the last three years, has the organization suffered loss of business income as a result of unscheduled system downtime?Y
mfaAuthenticationDo you enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all employees, contractors, and partners?Y
pastCyberIncidentHad any past Cyber IncidentsY
pastCyberIncidentDetailsHas the organization filed any claims due to a cyber event in last five years? If yes, attach loss detail herewith.Y
patchingFrequencyHow often does the organization apply updates to critical IT-systems and applications? Allowable values WEEKLY/MONTHLY/QUARTERLY/SIX_MONTHS/NEVER)Y
pendingLitigationIs there currently any pending litigation, administrative proceeding or claim against the named applicant, organization and/or any of the prospective insureds?Y
securityBreachRequiringNotificationDuring the last three years, has the organization suffered a security breach requiring customer or third-party notification according to state or federal regulations?Y
testedFullFailoverHas the organization tested a full failover of the most critical servers?N
thirdPartySecurityAgreementDo agreements with third-party service providers require levels of security commensurate with the organization’s information security standard?N
useCloudStorageDoes the policyholder have sensitive information stored on the cloud?Y
useEncryptionDoes the policyholder encrypt all emails, mobile and computing devices containing sensitive information (e.g., PII, PHI, PCI) sent to external parties?Y

Step 3

Create a Quote

Step 4

Get Quote details (optional)

  • This endpoint returns information associated with the quote (premium, fees, etc.) along with a list of available cyber coverages.
  • Developer Tip: please introduce a minimum latency of 15 seconds before calling this endpoint.


Below you will find premium breakdown:

FieldHow Cowbell present on the proposal
premiumPremium with TRIA
mgaFeeUnderwriting Fees
surplusLineTaxSurplus Line Tax
surplusStampingFeeStamping Fee, Surcharge, etc.
totalPremiumTotal Amount

Please note that the response to this endpoint returns agencyDeepLinkURL field.

If account was submitted with an agent who did not exist in the Cowbell's platform, agent can use the link to create an account and proceed with binding in the portal.