Handling Referrals

In case when the API returns a referral response, you have an option to submit the quote to the Cowbell’s underwriting team. Please note ‘API_REJECTED’ status in the ‘agencyStatus’ field. This indicates that a quote was not automatically issued.

 "id": "a3d658a6-dd61-4967-b38c-d4037296ab4d",  
 "created": "2022-07-07T16:31:58.866+0000",  
 "modified": "2022-07-07T16:32:01.462+0000",  
 "expiresOn": "2022-07-23T07:00:00.000+0000",  
 "accountId": "cc9e863f-8fd3-45fb-87f3-fb0f265199f9",  
 "agencyId": "786b39de-00ad-431c-b3b2-a8e556beb816",  
 "naicsCode": 722513,  
 "primaryIndustry": "Accommodation and Food Services",  
 "revenue": 320000.0,  
 "createdBy": "Pavel Aggregator",  
 "agencyName": "Pavel Test Agency 250",  
 "quoteNumber": "QCB-250-BMHRPJJQ",  
 "premium": 6624.0,  
 "additionalBrokerFee": 0.0,  
 "mgaFee": 200.0,  
 "companyName": "Goodtimes Pizza and Things",  
 "agentFirstName": "Pavel",  
 "agentLastName": "Sarygin",  
 "agentEmail": "[email protected]",  
 "customerFirstName": "Pavel",  
 "customerLastName": "Sarygin",  
 "customerEmail": "[email protected]",  
 "customerPhone": "8186870555",  
 "agencyStatus": "API_REJECTED",  

If the user wants to submit this quote to the underwriting for review, the following request needs to be sent:

PUT api/quote/v1/da/P250/revive/{{quoteId}}

The endpoint description can be found here.

Once submitted, quote will then be turned to the Cowbell underwriting team for review.