Binding a Quote

Binding via API is available via this endpoint.

Customers can purchase coverage that is effective no more than 45 days from the activation date.

A partner can choose to collect and display all of Cowbell’s fields listed as required to the end user in the Cowbell API documentation with all details from quote proposal summary.

The insured must attest to the accuracy of all the required fields and attest to Cowbell’s terms and conditions.

The technology partner will hyperlink the downloadable application to the Terms and Conditions language and collect an official request from the insured to activate their coverage. Cowbell also provides an endpoint for attestation.


Please note that Cowbell will collect the insured's IP address and timestamp of attestation from the technology partner.

The technology partner can present the policy documents to the insured. The payment will be collected via emailed invoice to the insured (direct bill) or technology partner (agency bill).

Attestation Language


Cowbell Insurance Agency, LLC
Terms and Conditions

I understand that this Commercial Cyber Insurance Policy is produced by Cowbell Insurance Agency and underwritten on behalf of National Specialty Insurance Company and Spinnaker Insurance Company. This Commercial Cyber Policy and any and all related policy documents will be issued and administered by Cowbell Insurance Agency. Any payments made in connection with the purchase of this Commercial Cyber Policy are made to and maintained by Cowbell Insurance Agency.

I affirm that I have read, and Cowbell Insurance Agency has advised me to carefully read, the terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and any applicable endorsements of the commercial cyber insurance policy that I am applying for, which have been made available to me. I affirm that the information that I have provided throughout the application for this insurance is, to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate, and complete. I understand that any non-disclosure, misrepresentation or non-payment of premium may result in cancellation of or non-renewal of this policy.

I understand and agree that my application for this Commercial Cyber Policy will be submitted electronically and the policy documents related to this insurance, including any notices and updates thereto (collectively, the “Policy Documents”), will be made available to me electronically. Cowbell Insurance Agency is authorized to send, and I agree to accept delivery of, all Policy Documents electronically; accordingly, I understand that I will not be receiving copies of the Policy Documents by standard mail unless required by the department of insurance of the state in which the Policy is issued. If I decide that I no longer wish to receive the Policy Documents electronically, I shall contact Cowbell Insurance Agency at [email protected] to request that the Policy Documents be sent to me by non-electronic delivery.

It is my responsibility to provide Cowbell Insurance Agency with a valid and current email address and to check that email address regularly for important Policy Documents from Cowbell Insurance Agency.

I have read Cowbell Insurance Agency Terms of Use, Insurance Fraud Warnings, and State-Specific Signature-Bearing Endorsements.

NOTE: 'State specific signature bearing endorsements' should hyperlink to the Cowbell Quote Application.

Customers can purchase coverage effective no more than 45 days out from the date of activation.

Note: same day coverage requires attestation to NKLL statement:

"I represent that between quires attestation to NKLL s (12:01 AM) and represent that, I am not currently aware of any accidents, facts or circumstances occurring during that time that may result in future claims covered under Cowbell Cyber Prime 100.