API Release Notes - February 14th, 2022

Enhancements & Reminders

Remember to update Cowbell’s logo whenever it is presented on the partner’s interface.

An endpoint to search for agency ID based on the user’s email address.

This endpoint allows partners to retrieve agency ID based on the user associated with that agency: https://api.morecowbell.ai/api/auth/v1/admin/{{email}}/agency

Product Updates


Renewal APIs are now available for our Prime100 product. Please schedule time with us for a detailed walk-through of the functionality.

A renewal quote can now be requested if the existing ‘policyID’ parameter is included in the Request a Quote request. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the webhook event. Webhook endpoint can be configured under the Developers section in your aggregator account:

Spinnaker paper is now available for new and renewal quotes in all states except CT, DC, HI, KY, and VT.


Blanket AI coverage is now offered on Prime 250 quotes. This coverage is returned in the following tag:

       "name": "BLANKET_AI",
       "coverageId": 63,
       "isAvailable": true,
       "isSelected": true

Cowbell Breach Fund Separate limit endorsement is now offered on P250 quotes. This coverage is returned in the following tag:

       "limit": 2000000,
       "deductible": 10000,
       "coverageId": 35